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          K S A Kamath and Sons, manufacturers and exporters of Cashew nut kernels


          Since 1945 we at Subraya have committed ourselves to only one thing -"A Smiling Customer."

          We Manufacture Cashew Nut Kernels in ISO 22000:FSMS certified factory. Cashew nuts from Kerala and Karnataka states of India are very tasty. Cashew nuts are nutritious wholesome food with Protiens, healthy fat and carbohydrates. Cashew nut grows outside its fruit, the Cashew Apple. We also make Flavoured cashew nuts like salted cashew, pepper cashew, masala cashew and a whole lot of other flavoured cashew. Visit our online retail store www.Cazootree.com. Our mission is to provide

          "Clean Crisp Cashew Nuts to the world."

          We also make Cashew nut shell liquid, cardanol, residol and many more allied products and we strive to provide the versatile Cashew Nut Shell liquid and its distillates and derivatives tailored to customers requirements.

          since 1945

          Copyright K S A Kamath and Sons

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